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Have you ever wondered...

How did we get here? Why are we 16 trillion dollars in debt? What is it about Washington DC that turns what were once normal people into politicians who are completely incapable of doing what's right for most Americans?

You've come to the right place.

This site is created to help you answer these questions and many more.

“Defining the Machine” is a non-partisan, exciting and informative presentation
designed to educate individuals, groups and organizations. This is done by illustrating that many of the problems within congress, the partisanship, gridlock, failed policy and terrible congressional approval ratings are primarily caused by a corrupt system based on power and money.

The “Defining the Machine” presentation will demonstrate:

• Congress specifically the House of Representatives is a “Pay to Play” system.

• Party leadership tells congressional members how much money they need to raise to give to back to the party.

• Party leadership tells congressional members where and whom they should raise this money from.

• In turn for raising this money Party leadership "rewards" congressional members with positions of authority, which in turn allows the congressional member to promote or stall legislation.

• The reward of higher positions also increases the congressional member’s ability to raise funds and again further their congressional career.

• Party leadership "punishes" congressional members if they do not raise funds as directed by party leadership.

In 1995 John Boehner, now Speaker of the House, the 3rd most powerful politician in the country gave checks from tobacco companies to other members of congress on the floor of the house immediately preceding a vote regarding big tobacco. In the video Speaker Boehner admits this was wrong. If he knows this is wrong then why would he do it?

(2:15 min.)
The House Ethics Manual:

"Never accept favors or benefits that might be construed as influencing the performance of governmental duties."

...and much more!!!
“Voting in new congressmen is like changing tires on a car that doesn’t run.”
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