Patrick Barron Presents

What are the Democratic National Committee and the National Republican Committees?

This is the 10,000. question; What is the "Machine"? The Machine is the DNC and RNC. This is where the poltics and politicians of Washington DC meet the world. The DNC and RNC are headed up by House leadership from both parties. Debbie Wasserman Schulz (D-FL.) for the Democtrats, Reince Priebus (R-WI.) for the Republicans.

Within the these two buildings are what make up the success of each party and incumbents. This is the foundation for all aspects to help them with their reelection strategies. Lawyers, marketing, opposition research, the call center where members of Congress make their fundraising calls and more. There are restaurants in both buildings to host meetings and fundraisers.

Congressional members can't fund raise from thier offices so they turn to the DNC and RNC to organize fundraisers, provide call lists of who to call, the call center to make the calls from. In short this is the Machine. Without the DNC and RNC congressional incumbents would be nothing more than an individual running for congress from the beginning.

As reported in The Hill, in 2006 then chairman of the DCCC Rahm Emanuel threatened lawmakers that if they didn't raise enough money they wouldn't be allowed to access the DNC. He asked that each raise another 50,000!

The "Machine"